Hey there, Dance Studio Owner!

I'm Kate Grochowski

And if you’re ready to transform your studio into a high-performing, profitable business, you’re in the right place.

Together, we’ll create and implement a step-by-step growth plan that unlocks time and financial freedom.

This plan? It’s called a Dance Studio Playbook.

Boost Enrollment, Revenue, and Profitability In Your Dance Studio

As a dance studio owner, you started your studio out of a love for dance. But being a business owner has meant taking on roles you weren’t trained for.

Nonetheless, you’ve built something you are proud of, but you know things could be better–your salary is certainly an indicator of that. On top of it, you are tired of friends and family seeing your business as a passion project, regardless of how much money it makes.

It’s time to rewrite your story. A Dance Studio Playbook makes it possible.

Go from…


Get the Exact Steps to Transform Your Dance Studio Into a High-Performing, Profitable Business

Studio Growth Financials

Get a side-by-side comparison of the detailed profit and loss statement for a studio growing from 7% to 28% profitability.

Studio Growth Business Plan

Access the positioning, process, and metrics to boost student enrollment by 66%, unlock $85k in income, and increase profitability by 21%.

Studio Growth Course

Enroll in the Studio Growth Course, and together we’ll create an actionable growth plan based on enrollment, revenue, and profitability.

Meet Kate

Much like you, dance has always been a part of my story. I trained in a classical Cecchetti academy, earned a B.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography, worked with renowned companies, authored a year-long classical syllabus, and educated the next generation as a studio director and teacher.

But (I’m guessing!) unlike you, in 2018 I started a marketing agency that has helped generate more than $18M in revenue for small businesses, including businesses in the dance industry. And in early 2024, I sold it. You are a big reason why.

I’m here to empower you to run a high-performing, profitable dance studio. Bringing decades of marketing, sales, and studio experience to the table, I’ll help you create and implement a step-by-step plan to grow your studio into a 6-, 7-, (or 8-!) figure business.

Studio Growth Podcast

Triple Threat Thursdays: Everything You Need to Know About Positioning Your Studio, Developing a Marketing Process, and Tracking Growth Metrics

Short, punchy, and packed with actionable takeaways, Triple Threat Thursdays will help you stand out as a go-to studio in your community. It’s all about communicating who your studio is, bringing your customers on an intentional journey, and keeping a pulse on the right numbers.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit.
Catalyze Growth In Your Dance Studio Today.

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