A Must Have For Dance Studio Owners: Studio Growth Financials Breakdown

Get an inside look at the financials for a dance studio growing from 7% to 28% profitability…unlocking an additional $85k in income for the owner.

Stop playing a guessing game with your dance studio's finances. Get an inside look at the income and expenses behind a highly profitable dance studio.

Let's Transform Your Dance Studio Into a High-Performing, Profitable Business.

Hey there! I’m Kate Grochowski, the founder of Dance Studio Playbook.

And if you’re ready to transform your studio into a high-performing, profitable business, you’re in the right place.

The materials you’re about to download are invaluable. You’ll get an inside look at the numbers behind a dance studio growth from 120 to 200 students, $200k to $350k in revenue, and 7% to 28% profitability.

Dive in and see how you can make adjustments to put your studio on the trajectory of growth. If you do the work today, you’ll see the results in the weeks to come!

I’m cheering for you!

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