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Social Media Content Calendar Template

Manage and plan your social media content with a calendar guide and template made specifically for dance studios.

Planning your social media posts in advance will:

Three Different Views

Content Type Month-By-Month

Visualize your social media content for the year, with the six fundamental engagement topics separated by timely content (i.e. recital promotion) and recurring content (i.e. student recognition).

Social Posts Day-By-Day

Use this view to see your 365 day plan that includes three posts per week. These posts alternate between timely content and recurring content to ensure there’s balance in what you are sharing.

Template Checklist

Knock out your social content for the year with ease once you create this list of 26 templates. With these templates built, you’ll be able to make quick adjustments to get things posted.

Get back to doing what you love without stressing about what to post. Grab this free social calendar for a done-for-you plan!

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